Close-up on two businessmen shaking hands
Developing Your Negotiation Skills
Learn how to negotiate when problem-solving, and when working on projects or conflict prevention.
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How to Write Effective Reports
This workshop is for anyone who needs to write clear and objective reports for decision makers.
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Business people face to face with boxing gloves
Coming in May!
Conflict Resolution: Tools and Strategies
Improve your ability to work through conflict and achieve positive results.
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Business woman smiling
Analytical Thinking
Improve your analytical and problem solving skills and boost your confidence!
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Coming up in June!
Advanced Business Writing
This workshop will make good writers even better by teaching them how to write more persuasively and clearly.
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Strategic Thinking
An increasingly valued competency for senior managers, directors and team leaders in business as well as in government.
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View of the Rideau Canal, Château Laurier, Parliament Hill and University of Ottawa buildings
2016 Spring/Summer Session!
Catch up or get a head start on professional development this spring/summer!
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Business professional working on a graph
Advanced Certificate in Project Management
Gain the essential tools, frameworks and models to integrate strategy for a strong project execution.
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New Certificate Program!
Intensive Certificate in Lean
Complete the certificate requirements in as little as one week!
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Stay Tuned
New Website
The Centre for Continuing Education will be launching its new Web site in June 2016!

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