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Certificate in Knowledge Management
Give yourself a competitive edge with our Certificate in Knowledge Management!
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Light bulb on paper with pencils laying around
Certificate in Workplace Writing
Focused on real-world writing, applied skills, and continuous improvement.
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Diagram that reads: Plan, Check, Do, Act.
New Certificate Program!
Lean for the Public Sector
Delivering services to citizens with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
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Advanced Certificate in Project Management
Gain the essential tools, frameworks and models to integrate strategy for a strong project execution.
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Client Service clerk with headset
Certificate in Client Service Excellence
Deliver excellent client service and to promote and support a culture of client service excellence in your organization today!
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New Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector!
Our new certificate, designed and delivered in partnership with Alpen Solutions INC., is specifically adapted for the public sector. Click here to learn more about this new certificate.

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Canada-Ontario Job Grant

The opportunity for employers to invest in their workforce, with help from the government. Click here to find out more.