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Writing for the Web
People don’t read web sites: they scan them. You have only a few seconds to get their attention and...
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Coming Up This Fall
Communicating Technical Information
Learn an effective process of planning, drafting, and editing to create excellent technical documents!
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This Fall
Conflict Resolution: Tools and Strategies
Improve your ability to work through conflict and achieve positive results.
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Implementing a Social Media Strategy and Measuring Results
You will leave with tools to measure the effectiveness of your strengthened social engagement.
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Featured Workshop
Client Service Excellence
Join us for this one-day workshop designed to refresh the fundamentals of client service in the public sector.
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New Certificate Program!
Lean for the Public Sector
Delivering services to citizens with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
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New Course
Decision Making: A Systematic Approach
Decision making, the process by which we create the future. Learn the science of decision making, a step towards smarter choices.
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New Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector!
Our new certificate, designed and delivered in partnership with Alpen Solutions INC., is specifically adapted for the public sector. Click here to learn more about this new certificate.

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