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How to Write Effective Reports

“This was a fantastic and very useful course; it will help me a lot in my future report presentations.”
This workshop teaches you how to plan, write, and revise effective reports. What makes an effective report?—one that decision makers can use to choose options, set policies, allocate funds, solve problems, capitalize on opportunities, and implement plans. But when reports are poorly structured, biased, difficult to read, or misleading, decision-making can suffer—with potentially harmful consequences for organizations and careers. This workshop explains how to write and publish reports that improve decision-making and generate results.

You’ll learn to apply the steps in the report-writing process and to convey the right information in the right way for your readers. You will also learn to avoid common report-writing problems that can cloud and weaken your messages.

Two-day Workshop

Workshop Topics

  • Following the five steps to producing effective reports
  • Knowing your readers and meeting their information needs
  • Planning and outlining your reports
  • Choosing from one of nine report structures
  • Helping readers find information and navigate your reports
  • Selecting the appropriate amount of detail—how much is too much?
  • Anticipating responses
  • Writing the various parts of reports: summaries, introductions, bodies, conclusions, and recommendations
  • Getting to the main point quickly
  • Interpreting your data
  • Persuading your readers
  • Illustrating your report
  • Designing page layouts
  • Reviewing and editing reports


  • Anyone who needs to write clear and objective reports for decision makers
  • Business, government, or technical professionals who want to effectively communicate the results of studies, evaluations, investigations, or analyses

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